2023 Partners included:

  • SmartMeasures
    Gold Sponsor

    SmartMeasures is a startup combining AI with behavioural science and focused on helping large energy retailers improve customer retention and reduce customer debt.

    We believe that large companies can do more with their data to help their customers and improve business outcomes. With SmartMeasures, you can leverage the customer data you already have to get insight into the retention and debt health of your whole customer base.
    SmartMeasures launched its Churn Prediction product in 2018 and its Debt Prediction product in 2023. Both products are delivered as managed services to ensure clients get the business outcomes they are looking for. https://smartmeasures.ai

  • Sense
    Gold Sponsor

    Sense is making the energy transition accessible for everyone. Sense's embedded intelligence redefines how people and utilities interact with homes and the grid. By partnering with meter manufacturers, Sense delivers software driven by high-resolution data that's vital for utilities to better engage with customers, detect devices, balance load, forecast demand and identify anomalies. Our consumer app makes homes smarter, empowering people to make better use of their energy, lower electricity bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Premier Contact Point
    Bronze Sponsor
    Premier Contact Point

    Premier is a market leader in cloud-based customer contact technologies and for over 35 years we have been known for the reliability, flexibility and excellence of our solutions. Our investment in innovation and Aussie based customer support has enabled us to help corporate and Government clients to deliver superior customer service for over a decade.

    As a hosted solution, you can operate a single virtual customer care team with staff working from any location on any web-enabled device. Premier’s no-code, intuitive ‘app-like’ solutions deliver hyper-personalised self-service and staff assisted workflows resulting in easy, enjoyable customer experiences and more productive staff.

    If your existing customer contact solution doesn't quite hit the mark, get in touch to discuss how we can turn your vision of great customer service into reality.

    Visit premiercontactpoint.com/for-business

  • Zipform Digital
    Zipform Digital

    For over 35 years, Zipform Digital has been providing innovative, data driven customer communication management solutions across Australia.

    There have been many technological changes during this time, and we have worked with our customers to navigate and define their future direction in customer communications within a constantly evolving environment. Beginning with the transition from legacy paper systems to more efficient and cost-effective bespoke solutions, digital transformation is core to continuous improvement for our clients. A partnership with Zipform Digital guarantees the depth of knowledge, expertise and technology to effectively manage and nurture customer engagement and create future proof communications. 

    Visit us zipformdigital.com.au